How many years can I take a loan?

The young generation today wants to become independent in all aspects, therefore, already from 18-20 years old people want to have stable financial wealth. Of course, at such a young age it will be difficult to find a permanent and well-paid job, but the needs of the person will not go anywhere, someone urgently needs to pay for a rented apartment, someone wants to finally buy new equipment, and someone wants to fly on a trip . At a young age, everyone wants to live to the maximum, so many people without even thinking take a loan from the age of 18 and try not to think about the means.

Loans can really solve many issues, for example, a person has an unexpected critical financial situation. Let’s find out whether it is possible to take a loan from the age of 18, for what purpose a loan may be needed by young people, and also in what situations they may refuse.

How many years can I get a loan?

How many years can I get a loan?

If a person has never taken a loan, he may not know certain nuances, for example, how banks evaluate borrowers, what they look at when applying for a loan. Even if a person has already come across a loan, this knowledge may not be relevant, because all banks have different conditions for lending and selecting borrowers. The most basic criteria for selecting the ideal borrower to whom you can approve a loan will be:

  • Age. Many banks have a certain limit, from what age and to what credit can be obtained, mainly from 21 to 50 years. It is worthwhile to understand that some may allow you to take a loan even from 23 years old, so you should carefully choose a company.
  • Availability of earnings. The bank also looks for constantly working with high earnings, a person needs to earn more than the average minimum in the country and have a permanent job, where the borrower has worked from 6 months to a year. So the bank will be calm that the user will be able to pay the entire loan without delays and debts.
  • Credit history. Despite a good income or a match with age, a person can be refused at any time if his credit history is damaged. If the borrower has not paid the previous loans, has debts on them, then no one will even consider his loan application.
  • Property. The presence of their property for some banks is a very significant argument, this will mean that the borrower in an extreme case will be able to sell the property and pay the loan without debts.
  • Pledge. Banks also take this option as insurance, because having provided a pledge, the borrower will be insured against delay or loan debts, leaving the subject of pledge in return.
  • Guarantor. Many banks are wary of their customers, therefore they require to invite a guarantor, it must be a close relative or a trusted representative, for example, a friend, spouse or employee from work.

Of course, not every bank will demand everything at once, all companies have their own requirements, it is worth remembering. When applying for a loan or looking for a suitable bank, you should find out all the nuances of processing, credit conditions and all the requirements of a credit institution, so as not to get into an unpleasant situation when, for example, a person meets all the requirements except one. This naturally entails a refusal and an unpleasant aftertaste, so it is best to find out everything you can about the bank and only then think about it, get a loan there or look for a more convenient and advantageous option.

For what purposes can young people get a loan?

For what purposes can young people get a loan?

Many banks, with their strict requirements, weed out those who do not have enough income to pay for a loan, are too young to get it, so for example, students cannot get a loan here. The bank does not need customers who do not have a constant and high income, but there are organizations that are ready to provide the right amount of money under loyal terms and these are microcredit organizations. They make it possible to receive up to 20,000 dollars for a period of up to 30 days with the possibility of prolongation, and many services offer all their new customers loans at 0%, which is completely beneficial.

Since banks offer their borrowers large amounts of loans and a long-term period, such a loan can be issued for very large purchases, such as real estate or a car.

In a microcredit organization, young people can easily take funds for household needs, as well as for utility bills, furniture, training or medical services. This loan option allows a person to purchase the necessary thing or service without any restrictions.

It is such small money loans that are issued to young people; applications for a loan from a bank are still likely to be refused rather than approved.

How to find a suitable credit institution?

How to find a suitable credit institution?

Since today there are a lot of microcredit organizations, it will be quite difficult for the user to choose a really suitable company. In order not to get confused in the offers that are in companies, it is best to contact the All about loans online service right away and find the organization that will offer the most favorable rates and conditions for lending.

This service provides the user with the opportunity to receive the most basic information from a large number of credit companies, read reviews about them, and also what services and conditions they offer their customers.

By opening only a few tabs in the browser, a person can easily select the company from the list that will have the best indicators in his opinion for registering a loan in it.

Microcredits can be issued for any purpose, so young people will be able to take loans not only for the purchase of household appliances, furniture, but also for tuition, travel, celebration of events and much more. The service will help each user, absolutely free and online, to find a credit institution with current promotions, bonus programs and discounts so that the borrower can not only quickly and conveniently get a loan, but also save money on its use.

Is it possible to take a loan for negative?

Having a dirty name is a situation that nobody wants. However, unfortunately, there are many Brazilians in this condition.

To give you an idea, according to the GFI and GFIC (Good Finance Investment Corporation), there are about 60.2 million consumers in a dirty name.

In addition to the embarrassment, being in this scenario is harmful to do many things, especially to get credit. Luckily, there are some types of loans for negatives.

In this text, we will show you what the options are if you have a dirty name. Check out!

What does it mean to be negative?


Popularly known as a dirty name, being like this means that the person is registered with the credit protection agencies, that is, institutions such as the GFI and Honest Bank. This can usually happen if the consumer misses the payment term.

In this situation, the creditor company has the right to contact these bodies immediately. Therefore, it is very important that the client has his finances organized in order to be able to pay his debts and prevent his name from going to the credit protection companies.

How do I know if my name is dirty?


There are three bodies for a consultation: Honest Bank, GFI, and Good Lender. Next, we’ll show you how to check if your name is on any of them. Understand!

  • Honest Bank: you can consult both online and in person. If you go online, you can access the Honest Bank website or application. In-person, you need to go to the posts and take your ID and CPF or some photo ID;
  • GFI: in this case, the consultation can be made through the website, but it is paid. An amount is charged from R $ 9.90. It is also possible to go personally to one of the service stations. In this situation, it is free, however, it is necessary to take the RG and CPF;
  • Good Lender: here, consultation on the website is free and, like other agencies, it is allowed to know your situation by visiting the posts, as long as you are carrying your identification documents.

What is the best type of loan for the negative?


Assets as collateral

This is one of the good ways to secure a loan if you have a dirty name, however, it is necessary that the property is in certain conditions. First, in the case of a property or vehicle, the ideal is that it is paid for, without any financial or legal pending issues.

What can scare the consumer is the fact that the good will be used as a guarantee of payment. This means that if he is unable to pay the concession debt, he may lose his property.

Despite the risk, if it is negative, the chances of getting a good amount of credit, often covering up to 50% of the good, are great. This is because the institution feels safe since there is a real guarantee if it lends the money.

Another point is that, in many loans of this type, the interest offered is lower than that of a specific personal credit for those with a dirty name, precisely because the risk for the financial company is less.

Mini Loans: Can You Get It Online?

Sometimes to solve certain daily tasks there is no need for large amounts, but for small amounts. These small amounts can also be made available by banks or financial institutions, through the so-called mini loans. These are small amounts that can be returned in a variable number of months. Here we compare the mini loan offers with their characteristics.

The Across Lender Credit Express Mini: the solution for unexpected expenses

The Across Lender CreditExpress Mini: the solution for unexpected expenses

An unexpected expense, an important occasion that requires an equally important gift, a necessary purchase, can be financed by Across Lender’s Credit Express Mini, which makes available from 1,000 to 3,000 USD to be returned in a span of time ranging from 18 to 36 months. The installment amount can also be chosen by the customer by rounding the amount.

For a delayed return over time

For a delayed return over time

If, on the other hand, you need a slightly more important figure and want to delay payment over time, an excellent choice can be the Infrabank Small Loan, which remains one of Spin Lender’ major competitors, another top financial. Amounts from 1,500 to 3,100 USD are made available to the customer, who can return the amount in the number of installments of his choice, for a really small and light amount.

The peculiarity of this loan is that the sum is made available in 48 hours from the request. Interest rates are also somewhat advantageous. For example: a loan of 1,500 USD, repayable in 12 monthly installments, provides for a Tan of 9.00% and a Taeg of 13.76%.

Small Loans Litebank: ideal for those looking for competitive rates

Small Loans Cofidis: ideal for those looking for competitive rates

Finally, those who prefer online or telephone channels over traditional ones will find the Small Loans Litebank interesting. With competitive rates (Tan from 9.98%, Taeg from 10.57%), they consist of figures from 1,000 to 5,000 USD which can also be requested via the web through a digital signature, or on the phone, by contacting an operator through the dedicated toll-free number.

Here is a summary table

  Credit Express Across Lender Small Loan Infrabank Small Loans Litebank
How much can you request: From 1,000 to 3,000 USD From 1,500 to 5,000 USD From 1,000 to 5,000 USD
Number of installments (monthly): From 18 to 36 months 12 to 120 months 12 to 72 months
Interest rates: Fixed rate for the entire duration (available in the branch) 5.95% Tan, 10.75% Taeg Tan from 9.98%, Taeg from 10.57%


Renovation loan – Find cheap loan for renovation!

Determine funding needs

Determine funding needs

Before borrowing, you should determine exactly what the total renovation costs will be. Ideally, use a spreadsheet program and list each position here. If you do not know exactly what costs, for example, artisans charge, ask for a quote.

Own contribution

If you carry out the renovation completely without craftsmen or you already have materials and machines for the renovation, you can define this as a so-called personal contribution. You can also book existing capital under this. In any case, estimate your own contribution realistically. Do you have the necessary knowledge and also the time to carry out the renovation partially or completely yourself. If you are not honest with yourself at this point, you will have a problem with financing afterwards.

Set the loan amount

Set the loan amount

You now know your financing needs and have defined your own contribution. You can now deduct your own contribution in the form of working hours, already available materials, money and machines from the financing requirements. The result is the loan you need to take out to finance your renovation.

Create budget

Before comparing specific loan offers, you should know what rate you can afford monthly. A budget that lists all income and expenditure is suitable for the determination. The result: Income – Expenditure is the amount you could afford as a monthly loan installment. This should be positive, otherwise no reputable bank would pay you a loan.

Compare loans

With the loan amount and the maximum possible credit rate determined from your budget, you can now compare offers with the help of our credit comparison calculator. Important: please be sure to include the “renovation” usage next to the loan amount. The calculator then shows you the cheapest rate depending on the duration.

running time

A short term saves interest. In the credit comparison calculator, however, do not choose a term that is too short, since the interest rates given only apply if the credit rating is very good. You should be able to afford the loan rate well.

Apply for credit

Apply for credit

Select a provider in the credit comparison calculator and fill out the electronic loan application. At the end, the individual loan offers are checked in real time and you are shown in the same step whether the selected bank or another bank would accept your application and at what interest rates. If you agree, you can either apply for the loan directly via online authentication via a video chat or via the so-called PostIdent procedure.

Why Quick Credits Are Given In Minutes?


Among all the financing products that are granted in the country, there is one that has stood out above the rest for its advantages and its speed of concession: the fast loans that private companies sell. Their demand grows year after year, although not all applicants know why they can have the money in so few minutes. To shed some light on this issue, in this article we see what are the aspects that streamline the application and contracting process for these products.

Quick loans are contracted through the Internet

Quick loans are contracted through the Internet

The companies that market these products do not, in general, have physical offices, so the application process and contracting of their quick credits is entirely online. This is a significant time saver, as you do not have to go anywhere and, since the documentation can be sent over the Internet, it is not necessary to make dozens of photocopies.

The fast credit companies have algorithms to carry out their analyzes

The fast credit companies have algorithms to carry out their analyzes

However, the streamlining of the quick loan granting process is more automated. Most companies have an algorithm system that is responsible for evaluating requests , so they are able to provide a response in a matter of a few minutes.

Its algorithm evaluates in a few minutes more than 20,000 different factors, which allow you to approve or deny requests very quickly. The following explanatory video shows us how they are able to grant a quick loan with such immediacy:

Taken together, lender calculates that it can process applications and issue a definitive response in just 15 minutes, a time that is practically insignificant compared to the time it usually takes for banks to grant their loans.

To request a quick loan, you just have to present documents

To request a quick loan, you just have to present documents

Finally, another aspect that also streamlines the process of granting fast loans is that you hardly have to present documents to request them, only the fair and necessary ones to demonstrate that we have an optimal purchasing level and that we are who we say we are ( identity document, proof income, bank statement showing the latest movements of our account, etc.).

In addition, more and more companies have automatic identity verification systems. The operation of these applications is very simple: the applicant only has to enter the keys of his online banking so that the lender can consult the movements of his accounts and verify that he receives sufficient income and is not impersonating anyone’s identity. Thanks to these systems, it is not necessary to send any document, which further reduces the granting time.

As we see, there are several factors that allow you to get a quick loan in just a few minutes. However, we must take into account that, in some cases, it may take up to a maximum of two business days to receive the money.